New Beginnings

It’s been a long time since I have been on here to write… about well anything. Let’s just say I got burnt out, lost my voice, and didn’t have anything I really wanted to write about. To be honest, I just wanted to hide the fact that this blog existed in the first place.

Since December of 2016, I have graduated and moved on from the good old Rexburg, started my Master’s program, and have moved 3 times. It’s been a journey with new friends, old friends, and a loving supportive family all throughout.

If I have learned anything is that God is there through it all…even though sometimes I don’t feel like he is. As the wise Taylor Swift said…” You can feel it in the silence…You can hear it on the way home…You can see it with the lights out… You are in love. True Love.” If I have learned anything in the past year and some odd months I that I love God and my Savior so much. I know that they have a plan for me and you. The process of knowing what that plan can be can be hard and frustrating..but they are there leading you through.

I’m so grateful to get back at this and hopefully you all will find some inspiration to being happy and loving yourself.



Social Ad Marketing (Part 3 of 4)

Can’t believe we are already on Part 3…..this series is flying by. If you missed the previous post on IPPE PLAN and Segmentation Plan make sure to read them before this post:) A Side Note Today we are talking about ad design. I am not a grapic designer so I’m just throwing just letting you

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Beginner’s Guide: Social Ad Campaigns (Part 2 of 4)

Hello all! Welcome to part two of this special. Last Friday, we talked about the importance of creating an IPPIE plan. If you missed the last post catch up and read Part 1: The IPPIE Plan. Today we are going to talk about the importance of successfully segmenting your target markets per platform. By doing

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Beginner’s Guide: Social Ad Campaigns (Part 1 of 4)

Your are thinking about starting an ad campaign..GREAT!  We are going to starting off this post with the fair warning that I am JUST LEARNING HOW to run paid social media campaigns effectively. I have my favorite platforms, but I am currently working on expanding my knowledge. For my class last week I had the

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Top 5 Christmas Advertisements

Christmas for many of us reminds us of the importance of family, and allows us relive the magic of that we experienced when we were little kids.  Although many stores look forward to having a great sales season. Some companies and organizations are looking to stand back and create something that might mean a little

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5 Steps To Find Your Niche Topic

5 Steps to Finding Your Niche in the Content World It is easy to think that there is no possilbe way to create a popular blog and it’s only reserved for a selected few. Quite honestly, this is not the case. Here are my top five tips that will help you find a niche that

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