5 Steps To Find Your Niche Topic

5 Steps to Finding Your Niche in the Content World

It is easy to think that there is no possilbe way to create a popular blog and it’s only reserved for a selected few. Quite honestly, this is not the case. Here are my top five tips that will help you find a niche that can possibly lead you to having a popular blog.

  1. Brain Dump every talent, good quality, and hobby that you have.

This first step is pretty easy. List down everything that you feel like you have some experience in or that you enjoy. Don’t stop at ten. Just brain dump on the entire page.

  1. Ask Friends and Family What Your Good at

Yes, your mom counts or your grandma, aunt, boyfriend, girlfriend, and your best friend since kindergarten. These people know you and often see qualities of yourself that you don’t often see about yourself. Take time and pick their brain about their favorite qualities about you. Just a fair warning cookies might be a good idea to sway the results.

  1. Combine Lists to Top 10 Things That You Are Good At

After talking to your mom and having a deep conversation with yourself. Look at all the good things about yourself and start narrowing down your qualities to topics that you’re a passionate about think that you can actually write about. Keep these topics pretty general. You don’t want to narrow yourself right at the front.

  1. Start Researching 10 Topics That You’ve Identified

After narrowing down your options start researching the different categories. Answer the basic questions of the following: Can you see yourself still writing a year from now? How many different websites are covering the same topic you are? Who are your competitors? Can my content stand out?

  1. Start Finding Hole in The Content Market

After narrowing down your topic, more research will be required. By studying Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Google you can start to see different avenues in a general topic that aren’t being fulfilled. This will take some time but do not get discouraged. The more time you spend the greater the chance of success you will have.

Even though the content market is more crowded than it was in 2009, there is still room for you to create a popular blog. All it takes is a research and effort. We believe in you!

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