A 7th Graders Look Into Influencer Marketing

Sometimes it takes a seventh grader to point out how weird we adults can be.

Face it, throughout our careers we all face financial burdens, contract obligations, and other various factors that will limit us from what we really want to do. Due to these roadblocks it’s not hard for us to get in a pattern rut for our clients. Which is no good AT ALL. Most of these time when we hit these crossroad it’s often time for us to reach out to others and get a different perspective. Often times these reviews lack the creativity that we need and often gives us the same old basic answers.


Remember when you were 6 and the world was your playground. Anything and everything was absolutely possbile. We could fight dragons in castles, be princesses, and travel to exotic lands. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS LEVEL OF CREATIVTY!?

Thinking about this, I began brainstorming which age group possed a level of maturity and kidish creativity.  After delebrating for sometime,  I came across of a video of a certain blonde seventh grader doing a book review. This video was informative but also still held the kidish “we can do anything” attitude that most of us adults have lost.

The idea developed of having this blonde 7th grader named Livy host a vlog series that disected the most commonly practiced digital marketing techniques and put her viewpoint on them.  This way all of us old school marketers would be able to get a fresh perspective on our tactics and if our action in a 7th graders mind can make sense.

Now that that’s over

With that introduction out of the way, we are excited to annouce our first video in our 7th grade serioes and….you guessed it on our favorite topic……social media influencers! We are in the process of creating new videos. If you have a marketing topic that you want put under review, leave it in the comments and we will put it into the schedule.


Ashley Jane



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