Ashley’s Way was created to help businesses understand and find social media influencers all at one place.

  • Our servies offer to following:
    • Influencer Directory– an easy scan through list of top influencers
    • Influencer Profiles– an indepth look at a particular blogger
    • Weekly Chatter– Weekly look at top trending content on the web
    • Blog Tips– General Information to get your website customer friendly.

We also gear our content to new bloggers looking to find their voice and niche in the market. All bloggers featured on our site have their individual expertise and strengths. We ENCOURAGE new bloggers to learn and grow from them. On that same note, DO NOT DUPLICATE any of our bloggers content or style. The internet is a funny place that encourages individuality and always looking for something new. So help the internet grow by finding YOUR UNIQUE style, voice, and niche.



Ashley Jane is currently a student at BYU-Idaho who is studying Business Management emphasizing in Social Media Marketing. She has been blessed with an amazing family and thanks to them I can be classified as a  “homebody”.  She grew up playing in dirt and an instilled love for pretty dresses. When at home you can often find her causing trouble with her siblings, binge watching a new Netflix series with her Dad, or talking her Mom’s ear off at the kitchen counter.

Other things that you should know about Ashley is that she is obsessed with the color Navy Blue and is absolutely TERRIFIED of raccoon’s.

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