Beginner’s Guide: Social Ad Campaigns (Part 1 of 4)

Your are thinking about starting an ad campaign..GREAT! 

We are going to starting off this post with the fair warning that I am JUST LEARNING HOW to run paid social media campaigns effectively. I have my favorite platforms, but I am currently working on expanding my knowledge.

For my class last week I had the opportunity to put $15 dollars to ads to promote any content, visual, or video on my blog.

For this project I choose to promote my articles on: A 7th Graders Look Into Influencer Marketing and How I Got 28,000 Likes on Instagram.

This article will be broken into 5 parts which will walk you through my IPPIE Plan, Segmentation Ideas and Implementation, Ad Design, and my Final Evaluation. I am looking forward to recounting what I learn and hope you are able to learn something from my mistakes.

IPPIE PLANS: What are they?

An IPPIE plan is used to help marketers figure out a time line and general aspects to make the advertisement become a reality. IPPIE stands for

I- Identify

P- Plan

P- Produce



For my social ad campaigns I began going through each requirement to help my brain try to think of anything that I was missing and something that I would need to pay more attention to. This allows me to go through and walk through every possible step that will might be required to have a good shoot at having a campaign that stays on schedule but still not being two in depth.

I particualrly like way of starting out my campaigns because the more planning that I do. The less time I spend in chaos trying to figure out what I am going to do.

IPPIE PLAN: ASHLEY’S WAY Paid Advertisment

  1. Identify

    1. Objectives
      1. Message- How I got featured on American Eagle Website and Instagram
      2. Audience- New bloggers looking to expand their blog.
      3. Actions- Create visuals, ad campaigns set up, and monitor the progress.
      4. Timing- Time during the optimal times of user engagement.
    2. Read Seascape
      1. Channel Profiles – WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook
      2. User Profiles- 18-34 bloggers who love Kate Spade and Fashion
      3. Expectations – Looking for ways to grow their online popularity
      4. Taboos – They think that my website is not credible.
  1. Plan

    1. Strategy
      1. Who:
        1. Business Owners looking to learn more about social media influencers and start creating an online brand.
        2. New Bloggers– looking for a directory of established bloggers to learn from as they start their blog.
      2. Where: WordPress, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram
      3. What: Paid Advertisements
      4. When: November 21- December 2nd 2016
      5. Define Success
        1. Metrics: Click through to website and increase engagement on social platforms.
  2. Produce
    1. Assets
      1. Visual Map: Will be produced from dates on calendar
      2. Produce the Assets: Will be produced from dates on calendar
      3. Composition- Will be produced from dates on calendar

  3. Implement

    1. Execute the Plan- Will execute dates from calendar.
    2. Schedule: Will schedule the dates on calendar. Advertisements will go out when the optimal time for audience.

  4. Evaluate

    1. Successful paid campaign will result in increased engagement over the next few weeks. The data will be compared to the data collected from the article promotion project.

Conclusion of Part 1

Before starting any project I would highly reccommend utilitzing the IPPIE process to allow you to start walking thorugh the steps needed to start crafting a successful campaign. This is one of many ways so I suggest if this way doesn’t work for you then to research out another way.

Have you used a different way to start a creative project? If so, comment bellow! I would love to hear what you have done.

-Ashley Jane



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