Influencer Profile: Brighton Keller from “Brighton the Day”

About Brighton the Day

Brighton Keller’s mission is to Brighton your day. Keller’s blog was started back in 2011 when her Mom Dee Keller launched her Italian shoe line. At 18 years old Keller decided that she wanted to help. After hearing from a friend that there was such things as fashion bloggers she reached out to try to form collaborations. After being rejected, her mom suggested that she start her own blog.

Quick Facts about Brighton

  • Originally from Baton Rough, LA but currently lives in Dallas Texas.
  • Oldest of 4 kids (2 sisters and 1 brother)
  • Went to UT- Texas and studied in the Business Honor Program
  • Her hobbies include journaling, studying the bible, and learning random things.
  • She also loves coding and almost studied it in school.

Brighton The Day Blogging Style

 Fashion Posts

Brighton uniquely categorizes her fashion posts out by season.  This allows readers the opportunity easily search outfits by the type of season that they are currently in. In the header of these categories, Brighton offers personal tips and insights into how to transition into the season and different style tips. You can see how she introduces her spring outfits here.

Lifestyle Post

Lifestyle posts are all posts that don’t relate to fashion. These typically include faith, weekly recaps, beauty, home, and travel. Listed bellow are our insights into these posts.

Faith Posts

Brighton is very open about her faith and openly seeks to inspire her readers. Her faith posts include posts on study tips, personal insights, and tips to achieving great quiet time.

Weekly on BTD Posts

Weekly on BTD focuses in recapping the week for readers who might have missed something. These posts will include outfit recaps and any newsworthy moments that readers might be interested in.

Content Inspiration

These are some of our favorite posts of Brighton’s to help you gain some inspiration.

  1. Here’s How To Understand the Bible Without Going to Seminary
  2. Sailing in Seattle + Tips on Planning a Short Vacay
  3. Bedroom Reveal


Brighton the Day Blog’s Voice

Brighton’s voice has a professional friendly feel to it. She is your friend who is outgoing, always has everything together, and is going places in life. Brighton’s writing style allows her to create posts that are well informed and presented.  In return this allows users to trust in what she is saying.

Brighton the Day Blog Layout

Effective Delivery

Brighton’s whole brand focuses on delivering information effectively for the user. When you scroll through any of her posts you are able to see the post and directly underneath see where you can buy things from the post. This layout takes out the searching time for the reader and allows them to get there just as quickly.

Geometrical Post Layout

Her outfit posts also feature a great geometrical pattern that give a different dynamic than the typical column of photos feel that we have all become accustom to.

Design Consistency

Brighton also creates  great consistency on her blog images for Pinterest. Most of them feature a black border on top with the blog title in white. The first line of the text is always the same. By doing this Brighton keeps great consistency that allows readers to recognize her post when they come across her content on various social media platforms.

To learn more about Brigton and her blogging style check out

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