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About Grace Wainwright

Born and raised Kentucky native Miss Grace Wainwright runs the popular blog “A Southern Drawl.” Wainwright started her blog in 2011 and credits the site to being an outlet for her creativity. ¬†Grace enjoys everything fashion, fitness, and travel

Grace Wainwright Style

For business looking for someone who can offer a classy, modern, and southern twist, all at the same time. Grace is your blogger. Grace main posts are outfit related where she lists all items with direct links. For most sponsorships she includes them in her outfit posts or creates a lifestyle post that alligns with her brand.

For bloggers looking to learn from Grace’s presence the following things need to be in included in your blog.

  1. Invest in a DSLR – Grace is constantly talking about how much difference her DSLR makes in her photos and we agree. There are many different options to find a DSLR. Ask a friend, look at garage sales, and if you walet is big enough head to a store.
  2. Write in your voice – No one like to read from a robot. I mean we got the news for that. Your personality needs to carry over visually and through the writte word. Through out all the proper ways of english and write how you talk.
  3. Find your Niche – There are a lot of fashion bloggers out in the market. You DO NOT WANT to be someone else. You are uniquly you so show it. Do you like wearing side pony tails? Do you still wear jelly shoes? Their are a lot of people who will like you for yourself…so let it shine through!!

Grace Wainwright Social Portfolio

  • Instagram: 129 K Followers
  • Twitter: 3,745 ¬†Followers
  • Pinterest: 12.3 K Followers
  • Bloglovin: 4,741 Followers
  • Youtube: 928 Followers

Grace’s main following account is through Instagram with a second close to Pinterest. Miss Grace does a great job at creating visuals that are captivating and entertaining. Posting to these platform is an art and takes time to develop a style.

For buisness looking to work with Grace. The best question to ask is if you think you product would natrually fit into something that she would aready be posting. If the answer is no, It would be in your best interest to find another blogger to work with.

For bloggers looking to become the next classy, modern, and southern blogging all-star our best advice to you is to start blogging. There is no time like the present. The more consistent you are on your blog the odds are higher of creating your own profile and being featured on our site.


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