Influencer Profile: Kate from “Lonestar Southern”

Image Credit: Lonestar Southern

About Lonestar Southern

Kate Padgitt first started blogging for a college class at the University of Texas. Soon people where enchanted by her fun personality and her southern style. Kate recently graduated with a Public Relations Major and now is blogging full time. Her blog Lonestar Southern focuses on fashion but also shares glimpses into her daily life.

Throughout Kate’s blog she is able to pull off a distinct style and brand. Her photos are bright and crisp while her voice is fun and playful. She is able to be your one friend who is fabulous yet down to earth. Some of her sponsorship have been with Pottery Barn Teen and Lily Pulitzer.

Lonestar Southern Insagram


 Lonestar Southern Instagram Feed

With 115 K Instagram followers we defiantly have a few things we can learn from Kate.

Lonestar Southern is known for having bright crisp Instagram feed that flawlessly transition from one to another. Kate’s images tend to have a white background with the transition from outfit posts to detailed shots.  Throughout her feed you are able to find bright colors that are emphasized by a piece of clothing or the background.

In order to achieve these photos like these you will need to spend the time. Kate’s Instagram feed is well thought out, well positioned, and has taken time to develop.

 Achieving a Great Instagram Layout like Lonestar Southern

  1. Great Backgrounds -In all of Kate’s photos she has great backgrounds. I’m guessing Kate spends a lot of time exploring her town to find great new spots for shoots. So take your editorial calendar, a friend, and go explore!
  2. Lighting is key to achieve great photos. Schedule out the time where lighting is best. It will make your life easier when you go to edit. Promise.
  3. Editing– In order to achieve Kate’s look you will need to edit your photos pretty much the same way every time.
    1. Recently Kate shared some of her secrets to achieving her Instagram look. You can find the blog post here.
  4. Planned Layout -If a photo isn’t cooperating I would download a Photo layout app and put the photo side by side. This will allow you to plan out how your Instagram feed is going to look.



Lonestar Southern Blogging Style

Kate’s blog feature the outfit posts that we have become familiar with in the blogging world. The two things that Kate has done though that is different is her Coffee Date and her Latest and Greatest Posts.

  1. Latest and Greatest LoneStar Southern
    1. During these posts Kate talks about her weekly finds for the week she will typically include all of her favorites in an infographic like pictures that allow readers to click on the product and be lead directly where they can purchase it. These posts allow her to stay relevant with the newest things on the fashion market. You can find Kate’s  Latest and Greatest post here.
  2. Coffee Dates LoneStar Southern
    1. The other type of posts that Lonestar Southern features are Kate’s Coffee Dates. This is where Kate will sit down and tell her readers a recap of what is going on with her life. These posts will range from telling about recent trips to her horseback riding trips.
  3. Outfit Posts LoneStar Southern
    1. The most typical post on Lonestar Southern is Kate’s outfit posts. These posts will show Kate’s most recent looks and where she is out on the town.


Lonestar Southern’s Youtube Channel

Kate does a great job at making sure her users get the best information on all her favorite products. Bellow is a video that Kate published that shows her recent finds from the Lilly Pulitzer sale. Kate is very engaging and does a good job at interacting with her customers and being entertaining at the same time. She is on brand and her room background gives it a friend to friend conversation feel. The whole video is on brand and gives you a better look into Kate’s personality.


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