Influencer Profile: Lauren Sims

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About Lauren Sims

Lauren Sims, the blogger behind, writes about fashion, health, and Christ. Lauren states that “[…] I was born with a love of clothes, shopping, and fashion in general.” Lauren intered for Pink Tartan showroom in NYC and worked for Neiman Marcus Direct in the Fine Apparel buying office.

Her passion is to help women feel confident and great in their clothes.

Quick Facts about Lauren

  • Born & Raised in Dallas, Texas
  • Graduated from Baylor in 2012
  • Married to Michael in March of 2014
  • Hobbies include running, baking, traveling, and clean white sheets.

Lauren Sims Blogging Style

Post Frequency

  • Fashion: 4-5 times a week
  • Fitness: Varies (These posts are often tagged with the fashion posts).
  • Beauty:  Every Month
  • Eats: Varies (Usually once or twice a month).
  • Inspired: Varies (These posts are often tagged with the fashion posts).
  • Travel: Once a month


Lauren’s advertisement stream is made out of lifestyle sponsored posts where the products are fit in seamlessly in her life. These posts are paid for by the company and all thoughts and opinions are her own. This tactic allows the reader to feel like they are receiving a friends opinion rather than being marketed to. A great example of a sponsored post can be found here in Lauren’s The Perfect Gift post.

Audience Reach

  • Pinterest: 2,700 Followers
  • Twitter : 514 Followers
  • Instagram: 112,000 Followers
  • Facebook: 686 Page Likes

Audience Engagement

Lauren’s audience resides primarily on Instagram. On average her Instagram posts will average anthing in between 1,000 to 2,000 likes with comments ranging from post to post.  On Pinterest there are a variety of outfit pins from Lauren and can recieve 100 repins.

Blog Brand

Summed up by the tagline “Refined Style | Radiant life” Lauren’s brand fulfils this notion through her blog layout and posts. Although she has many finer taste Lauren also incorporates many casual outfits that look well-polished.  Throughout her blog she will post about different sales going on for brand name clothes.

Besides fashion Lauren advocates a healthy lifestyle between eating healthy foods, exercise, and sweets. In a recent article with D Magazine titled How Lifestyle Blogger Lauren Sims Stays Fit” Lauren talks about her work out regimen and her daily schedule. Throughout her posts Lauren will give her reader tips on how to work lives to promote good health.

Website Layout

Lauren’s website layout is very straightforward and easy for the user. Her main page features a scroll down screen so readers can easily see here latest posts. All posts include a “Shop The Post” widget which allows users to directly click-through and shop the outfits featured in the post.

Content Inspiration

Here is our roundup of favorite posts from Lauren to give you some content ideas.

  1. New Years Resolutions: Fit Edition 
    1. Great content idea for those looking to plan ahead.
  2.  Sleeveless Seater Obsessed
    1. Different poses for fashion bloggers for shoots.
  3. Dallas Staycation Guide
    1. Help your readers discover your city and give yourself a break at the same time.

To learn more about Lauren and her blogging style visit her blog at


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