Influencer Profile: Mckenna Bleu

Image Credit: McKenna Bleu

About Mckenna Bleu

McKenna Bleu is a 32 year-old blogger based out of San Diego. She is an individual who prefers to look at the glass half full and could sit in front of a fireplace all day. Through her website she hopes to offer daily inspiration from anything in between fashion, beauty, and travel. She is known for her great use of bright colors and occasionaly breaking the rules.

Social Profiles

  • Instagram: 186 K Followers
  • Twitter: 4,036 Followers
  • Facebook: 2,823 Followers
  • Pinterest: 14.9 K Followers
  • Bloglovin’: 4,137 Followers
  • Google+: 530 Followers

Mckenna Bleu Strengths

Overall Mckenna Bleu is successful due to her branding. She attracts visitors to her website through her consitency of bight colors, stylized photos, and strong voice presence.

Mckenna bright colors can be found from her graphics and well placed pops of colors throughout her photos. Bleu’s bright colors coupled with her signature pink highlight allows readers find brand consistency and know when the are entering into the McKenna Bleu world.

Mckenna’s photos follow the original fashion blogger format. Most images feature her showcasing a product or outfit. Mckenna does a great job at making sure that she utilizes the principle of contrast whether in between her outfits and her background. This allows her photos to have a nice pop.

Mckenna does a great job of engaging her audience through her text. This proves to be one of McKenna’s greatest strengths as her posts are funny, individual, and engaging.

McKenna Bleu Weaknesses

Mckenna has created a great brand through which she has been able to create a solid following. Her posts are highly engaged and are well edited. One thing that all bloggers need to be concerned about is diversifying their social portfolio. With the fast moving pace of the industry it is important to make sure that you are able to capture your audience through multiple platforms just in case one day your golden platform disapears. (Can we use Vine as a perfect example of this?)

McKenna Bleu Style Conclusion

With bright colors and rule breaking in mind, McKenna is a successful bloggerwho is able to capture effortless lifestyle while being glam. To learn more about McKenna Bleu and here blog check out here website at


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