Influencer Profiles: Jessica Afshin from “The Darling Detail”

Image Credit: The Darling Detail

About Jessica Afshin

At 24-years-old Jessi has successfully  transformed her blog into a full time career. Based out of Austin, Tx,  Jessi posts about her love of fashion and helps others find fulfillment in their lives through her Darling Days series.

As an alumni of University of Texas, Jessi credits her success from sacrificing nights out out on the town for studying Pinterest and working for Kendra Scott.

Through her blog she hopes to encourage women not to matterilize clothes but rather see them as an important way to present yourself and gain confidence.

Social Profiles

  • Instagram; 171 K Followers
  • Facebook: 3,491 Followers
  • Pinterest: 12.1 K Followers
  • Twitter: 915 Followers
  • Bloglovin’: 3,268 Followers
  • Youtube: 1,152 Followers
  • Total Audience: 191.9 K Followers

Jessica Afshin Blogging Style

Jessi style of choice is classic. You can often see her in a great pair of heels with the perfect complementary accessory. Her posts range from every day street wear to exercise outfits. All sponsored posts are visible to readers and are usually incorporated to look like an every day post.

Jessi’s biggest audience can be found on Instagram where she will recieve anything from 1,000 to 4,000 likes per post and anything from 30 to 80 cmments.  She also boasts a strong Pinterest profile where she hosts 47 boards.

Collaborating with Jessica

If Jessi seems like to be a great fit for your brand check out her website.

**Editors Note** In order to make sure that Jessi is the right fit for your business we highly encourage you to read our post on Professional Popularity. This post will walk you through the basics of understanding social media influencers and how to get your greatest ROI on your investment.


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