Social Ad Marketing (Part 3 of 4)

Can’t believe we are already on Part 3…..this series is flying by. If you missed the previous post on IPPE PLAN and Segmentation Plan make sure to read them before this post:)

A Side Note

Today we are talking about ad design. I am not a grapic designer so I’m just throwing just letting you know that my work is rough…..but I am trying…and when you start out a business or blog you will have to wear many hats and gain new skills in order to get to a point where you can hire the job out. Until that point…we are stuck with me and my awesome ninja canva skills.

Anyways, while I have been taking a Social Media Design class at school I was required to walk through the entire process of my creativity by doing thumbnails sketches, contrasts sketches, value compositions, and evertyhing in between. While this allows you to walk through the entire process of ad design strategy it required you to draw…and let’s just say that my drawing skills are not fantastic to say the least…….

With that warning being said, weither you are a fantastic drawers or average you can greatly benifit for taking the time and going through and doing some rough skethes. In this blog post I will show you my concept as I began narrowing down my ad designs.

Thumbnail SketchesĀ 

These sketches are quick rough drafts that shouldn’t take that much thought. For this step, you main goal is to brain dump everything on the entire page. Bellow were my thubmail sketches for the different platforms I plan to create for.


Layout Sketches

After selecting your favorite thumbnail sketches it is now time to narrow in and start bringing the idea to lie. Before you hop on Photoshop, it is important to take your thumbnail sketch and to try seeing it from different layouts and angles. This will allow you to see your designs like you never have before. Also you might find a better option than what you previously would have thought. When doing this try to create 3-5 different layout options.




Now after seeing your design from different angles it’s time to start actually drafting up your ideas. These are not your final designs, but they are at the point that they are ready for critiques.



Final Designs

Finished with the mock up designs you can randomly decide that you hate your designs and create new ones. Which is what I did. After this step you are now ready for the posting and promoting stage.



Although you wouldn’t think that working through a process likes this is important, there is a reason that the professionals do it. By sticking to a creative plan you are better able to stay on schedule and create something you love.

What is your go to process for ad design?

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