Top 5 Christmas Advertisements

Christmas for many of us reminds us of the importance of family, and allows us relive the magic of that we experienced when we were little kids.  Although many stores look forward to having a great sales season. Some companies and organizations are looking to stand back and create something that might mean a little bit more. Bellow we have listed our fvborite videos which promote more than just a brand.

No. 1 – He Was Alone on Christmas

This Christmas video features an old father whose kids keep giving him different excuses why they can’t make it home for Christmas. Time passes and the kids receive word that their father passed away. The commercial shows each misused time with their father. As they go back home to celebrate his funeral they enter his home to see a full table set. There Dad then comes out of the corner and tells them this was the only way he could get them all together. This ad was created for a German grocery store.

No. 2 – #LighttheWorld

Christ is able to act through us. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Sainds launched a Christmas inititive to serve thouse around you in “25 ways for 25 days.” If you are looking for great fulfillment this holiday season learn how you can participate at 

No.3 – West Jest 12,000 Mini Miracles

What started off to be an initiative to get West Jet employees to give back ended up turning into a worldwide movement.  At the beginning of the campaign, West Jest set a goal to perform 12,000 miracles in 24 hours. Totaling to be one miracle for each West Jet employee. The miracles were monitored through social media at the miracle command center. Miracles included free trips, hot chocolate, warm meals, and beach toys.

No. 4 – M&S 2016 Christmas Ad: Chritmas with Love from Mrs. Claus

We all know that Santa can initiate miracles, but what about Mrs. Claus. In this commercial the provides fun twist we are able to see Mrs. Claus rise to action to help a brother and sister in need. The video reminds us how we all have our little seceats as we try to provide joy.

No. 5 – John Lewis #MontyThePeguin

This commercial shows us the heart of a child at its best. From the beginning of the ad we see a unseperable pair of boy and peguin. By the end of the commercial we begin to see things change as Monty becomes lonely. To make sure Monty is happy and has the best Christmas ever his best friend springs into action.


We sincerly hope that these commercials have touched you someway this holiday season. May you have a great holiday and remember what Christmas is truely about.


– Ashley Jane




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