Why Taylor Swift Has A Long List Of “Star-Crossed Lovers”

Since Taylor Swift has become famous she has constantly been known for her long “long list of star-crossed lovers,” but is it really that insane?

With the recent development of Taylor and Calvin’s break up and Tom Hiddleston stepping into the picture, Taylor is once again in the spotlight. With all this buzz, I have begun to wonder how dating would be as the “Bad Blood” pop star.

Taylor Swift vs. Ashley Jane

Comparing our dating lives, I have pretty much experienced everything Taylor has concerning breakups, first dates, boyfriends, and drama. During these experiences I have also participated on the emotional roller coaster where things are wonderful, happy, awful, confusing, sad, angry, and everything else in between. The major difference in between our experiences is that my dating audience contains my family and friends who know me while Taylor’s experiences are  broadcast out to a world who is quick to judge with never getting the full story.

Taylor Swift Dating History

The Internet is plastered different articles featuring Taylor’s Ex’s. If you pay close attention to the time line you begin to notice that most of these relationships lasted three months. To me, this just shows that Taylor was dating like a regular person. During your twenties, it is expected that you date a lot of different people as it allows you to begin to figure out what types of characteristics you would want to find in your future spouse.  So while many people think she is a heart breaker, I see someone trying to figure out what type of person she wants to marry.

My Note for Taylor Swift

So although I will probably never date a celebrity or have over 50 million Instagram followers,  I do understand the general dating process. It is hard and wonderful all at the same time.  So Miss Taylor, I applaud you for being able to handle it with grace because to me it looks like you have everything together all while still flawlessly “dressed like a day dream.”


Ashley Jane

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